As you know, a nation is an assembly of communities legally bound together geologically. For our project to be useful, communities must exist to improve their quality of life by taking up issues and opportunities that matter to the communities.

It has been a while since we are recruiting and sending Haitian children, aged four to twelve, within extreme poverty to school. And before they reach 12th grade, they will have learned a vocational skill where they can create or find jobs in society. This project is to make school more accessible to the underprivileged of Haitians. Most Haitian children never go to school because their parents cannot afford to pay the tuition. As a result, children and young adults who do not have the opportunity to go to school become delinquents, thus become a big issue for Haitian society.

Our second project is to recruit Haitian orphans, give them shelter, feed them and send them to school. According to “ Experts now estimate that the number of children has doubled to about 750,000 since the earthquake.” Most of the time, orphans survive by themselves on the streets or move to another place where they used them as slaves. In this case, the children may work all day long, are abused, have no rights, and have no one to advocate for them. Can you imagine that most Haitian’s orphans are slaves? Is it fair to still have slaves in the 21st century? Base on this fact we should step up to do something, anything that we can do to help end slavery in Haiti. Also, extreme poverty forces parents to put their children in orphanages where they can be feed better, go to school and enjoy a better life than they would be at home. Also, dire poverty forces parents to turn their children over to people for slavery.

Our third project is to open Beautiful Haiti Thrift Stores in many towns in The United States. The organization will sell mainly used goods donated by members of the public. After expenses, such as operating costs, depreciation of fixtures, and the building lease pays, all remaining income from the sales will be used to support children and young adults education in the United States and specifically those in Haiti.

Our fourth project will be to recruit and send young Haitian adults, in dire poverty, to a conventional school. Most young Haitian students after high school cannot afford to pay for college. It will be helpful to teach young Haitians the skills needed in order for them to move immediately into the workforce or to create an opportunity to survive.

Our fifth project is to build community centers in each Haitian community in which children, young adults, and adults can receive education and skills needed to be successful in life and their community. The reason for the failure of a nation is the lack of active communities. That is the reason we intend to build healthy communities in Haiti. Communities will have orphan shelters, a pre-k school,  kindergarten, primary school, a high school and a vocational school.


Finally, our six project is to create computer rooms those will allow children, young adult’s and orphans to connect with the world. A computer room project is very innovative and unique because it will enable them to pursue their goals in a career field of their choice and desire, and will allow them to develop their knowledge in the long run.