I enjoy the work Education in Haiti and the Bayard Guerson’s School.

Bayard Guerson is a school located at the following address 164 Rue Pomeyrac extended Jacquet Thybull, Delmas 95, Pétion-Ville, Haiti. It started in October 2001 to promote and enhance Haitian education.

The School aims to educate and mentor young Haitians so that they can achieve a successful life that helps them find solutions to the problems facing our country.

Besides, it creates some opportunities that allow young people to stay in Haiti for a better future.

The mission of the CMBG

The Bayard Guerson’s School mission is to contribute to an overhaul of the Haitian education system to educate, socialize, inform children, young people, and adults for a developed society of peace and justice.

The CMBG emphasizes quality education accessible to children, youth, and adults so that they achieve success honestly and contribute to the positive development of Haiti.

It is a fact that education is the lung, the key element we can use to change any society. It is the engine of human development and makes man smarter to solve the various problems they experience. It is the backbone of any society. CMBG’s mission is to educate young people while looking for hidden talents to promote them. The CMBG has a website www.collegemixtebayardguerson.org to help talented children in our community at no cost. This site will gradually demonstrate our commitment to educate our children for the well being of Haiti.

What are the reasons for choosing Bayard Guerson Mixed College?

The reasons to choose Bayard Guerson School are:
-we want our children to succeed academically.
-we mentor them.
-celebrate Flag Day.
-help them discover their skills and present them to the general public.

a-Our children must succeed in academically and in their lives.

We want our children to be mentally and physically balanced by playing sport at CMBG so that they can succeed. And they will help their parents, their close relations, their communities and become agents of development within our community.

For example, Akon, singer, and rapist, an African-American artist from Senegal who was able to electrify in two years many villages, schools and health centers in rural areas of his community said: “We children of the diaspora we must support Africa by deeds and not by words ”

Besides, we discipline our children to develop the necessary qualities leading to success. Also in the world of sport Christiano Ronaldo, one of the best players in the world said in these words: ”
“Without discipline, talent is useless. Your love makes me strong. Your hatred makes me unstoppable. ”

We do a mentorship program that helps them cultivate patience, perseverance, develop the spirit of initiative. Know how to work in a team is essential to success, increase school performance, change, and improve the behavior of young people.
In summary, this program allows our children to become aware of their weaknesses and to cultivate a sense of victory until they reach their goals.

b-The Flag Festival

On May 18, 1803, Jn Jacques Dessalines tore the white of the French flag to create the Haitian. He loved our country so deeply when he said: “No matter the judgment of posterity, provided I save my country.”

At CMBG, we celebrate the flag festival day to educate our children that we are a great nation.

c-The end of school year party
The end of the school year is a good opportunity to build self-confidence in our children at CMBG. They are well supervised by their parents, the management staff, and the teachers to face this test because it is one of the best ways to make them grow. The preparation of this school show produces strong emotion among them. They will perform in front of an audience who are friends, family, teachers, and others. They want to show that they have the capacity to do well. The division of roles helps them to cultivate self-esteem. The end of the study year is approaching, the atmosphere excels at CMBG, the party will be in the form of a fair, where each class will present their artist to perform in front of the CMBG audience. To this end, we ask this public to come to school to experience this great representation of the school year, to discover the skills of our children, to relax, eat, and drink quietly.
In short, this celebration is a harmonious transition from school to summer vacation allowing our children to recover to start and complete a new school year effectively. Indeed, we are of the opinion of Christiano Ronaldo who said: “Rest is an important process to be good and prolong my career as much as possible”.
In conclusion, the end of the school year party is not all at CMBG because the cultural committee of the establishment organizes a soccer championship for young people and children contributing to the entertainment and health of all in the neighborhoods. Finally, all of these prove that CMBG LOVE YOUNG PEOPLE AND CHILDREN, AND WANT THEIR SUCCESS.